RSS and Atom feeds are very easy to implement and there are a wide range of options to fit any need or constraint.

RSS and Atom feeds can be customized using the keywords found on all Business Wire news. Click here to see our list of over 250 subject and industry keyword options. Keywords can be combined to create one or many customized newsfeed(s). Depending on your audience, you may opt to create multiple feeds

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RSS Feed Information

Business Wire’s RSS is a plug-and-play option for adding news releases to your website. The RSS feed is a simple list of news release headlines that, when clicked, take the viewer to to view the article.

RSS feeds are easy to customize. Business Wire’s RSS is compatible with any RSS widget, allowing you to create your newsfeed to match the look and feel of your website. Once you paste the URL into your website's HTML source code, the Business Wire headlines will appear on the page. You may then customize your newsfeed, adjusting the width and/or creating a scrolling list of headlines.

The best thing about using the Business Wire RSS option is that every website you visit has RSS options, so if you want to integrate multiple data providers with one newsfeed type, RSS may be your easiest tool.

Click RSS to see our pre-made Industry-based RSS feeds. These newsfeeds are ready to plug-and-play.

Here are some sites that use our RSS technology to post press releases:

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Atom Feed Information

Atom is an XML-based newsfeed that includes the full text of each news release. Atom feeds are tailor-made to fit your audience’s interests. Custom keywords can be used to create a newsfeed that will keep users coming back for more. Unlike the RSS feed, when a user is visiting your site and clicks on a headline, the viewer will remain on your page. Business Wire full-text Atom feeds allow you to store content within your network. 

Email to order your Atom feed today. Our media relations team will work with you to implement the newsfeed on your WordPress or CMS site.

Here are some sites that are using Atom feeds from Business Wire:



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